Your partner for all of your Caribbean Shipping Needs.

Atlantic Star Limited

We are a Trinidad and Tobago based Shipping Agency that provide Shipping and Port Services to the entire Caribbean region including Guyana. We have our own fleet of vessels to service all your shipping needs. Our company provide logistics solutions to move large amount of Cement, Sand, and Aggregates. Our team of maritime professionals and seamen have over 10 to 30 years of experience providing maritime services in the Caribbean region.

Caribbean Map Showing Guyana

The Caribbean Region

We cater to the entire Caribbean Region including Guyana no matter what your shipping needs may be.

Vessel Management

We have over 25 years managing vessels of varying types between 500MT to 6,000 MT including Tugs and Barges of all sizes.  We have a Document of Compliance to do this.  We can manage larger vessels if required.  Management includes ISM, Operations, Revenue and Manpower.


 We can source Vessels, Tugs and Barges of all sizes on charter, if required and can also seek charters for owners of vessels through our current network.

Port Agency

Through our established partners, we have the resources to clear and provide port services at almost all regional ports in the Caribbean and Guyana.